Fine Jewellery Cleaning Cloth - LB BOUTIQ

Fine Jewellery Cleaning Cloth - LB BOUTIQ

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Our Jewellery cleaning cloths are recommended to clean your pieces every now and again

These microfibre cloths are great for cleaning your jewelry before storing them away, it helps maintain the luster or remove any oil and build-up which tends to happen when wearing your pieces daily. 

These embossed cloths come in branded recyclable cardstock envelopes, to ensure the cloth stays clean whilst not being used thus preventing scratches when cleaning your jewellery.

We strongly suggest you read our care guide to ensure you take the best possible care of your jewellery.

  • Packaging - Recyclable card envelope
  • Cloth Size - 8x8cm (3.15x3.15")
  • Material - 220 gsm microfibre suede