Zebra Print Large Claw Hair Clip
Round Zebra Claw Hair Clip

Large Colourful Chrome Zebra Print Hair Claw Clips - LB BOUTIQ

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Square Zebra
Round Zebra

Our Zebra print duochrome claw hair clips are sure to leave an impression.

Stand out from the crowd with our duochrome claw clips, to hold your creative hairstyles securely. It's a versatile clip that reflects colour beautifully as at every angle.

This Zebra claw clip comes in two slightly different styles - a classic round style and a modern rectangle style.

All of our claw clips are lightweight and very comfortable to wear, ensuring they don't pull or tug at your hair.

  • Rectangle clip - 3.5cm x 12.5cm
  • Round clip - 3.9cm x 12cm
  • Suitable for most hair types - depending on styles you want to achieve
  • Material - Acrylic resin