Size & How To Guide

LB Boutiq recommends you follow this size & ‘how to’ guide to ensure the perfect fit.


We offer adjustable necklace lengths from 40-45cm (16-18") in Solid Gold, Vermeil and Rhodium. If you want the option of a longer chain, we have 5cm (2") extenders available.

All of our extenders are compatible with any of our necklaces.


Follow these measurements to determine if you'll need an extender, as our bracelets currently range just over 18cm (7.2")

All of our extenders are compatible with any of our bracelets. 

Huggie Hoops

Stud Gauge


We have designed our charms to be versatile. To allow you full control on your creative style. 

All of our charms can fit our earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

Due to some of the huggies' shape, you may have to slide the charm on from the back hinge, ensuring the charm is faced the correct way. 

Our charms can also fit all of our Vermeil/Rhodium ball back and butterfly studs! 

Simply insert the stud and slide the charm in behind your lobe, before securing the ball back.
You can also place the charm in from of your lobe depending on the stud's pendant (if it's too small, the charm's connecter may detach) just slide the charm on before inserting the stud into your piercing, and then secure with the ball back.

Unfortunately, our charms will not fit our solid gold studs as the ball back is smaller than the charm's connecter hence the charm will just pop over and get lost. 


Our ball backing is mostly preferred as it gives you the extra peace of mind that your earring is secure and is found to be much more comfortable to wear. 

It can be tricky to secure the ball back, especially if you're not use to this form of backing. We highly recommend that you ask someone to help, as the ball backs are tiny and can easily be lost whilst attempting to attach to your stud. 

We recommend you pick an appropriate area to secure your studs e.g. over a desk or on a bed, to ensure you can easily find the ball if dropped. You will need a lot of patience but will get these at the end!
  • Inset the unscrewed stud into your piercing
  • Between two fingers, hold the ball back with the opening facing upward
  • Line up the ball back opening to the stud post, feel around until you notice the post is inserted into the ball and start turning it clockwise.
  • Do not let go of the ball back until you are sure that it has attached securely. 

If you happen to lose a ball back, we do have the Vermeil, Rhodium balls available here.