LB Boutiq offers a variety of timeless, high-quality jewellery in Solid Gold, Vermeil and Rhodium.

We've worked closely with our manufacturers to ensure high-quality pieces that would last. To allow you to pass on each treasured piece to a loved one years from now. 


Our Solid Gold pieces are 9ct solid gold except for our Rhino Collections which are 14ct solid gold.

  • 9ct (Au375) contains 37.5% Pure Gold = 9 parts gold to 15 parts alloy. 
  • 14ct (Au585) contains 58.5% Pure Gold = 14 parts gold to 10 parts alloy.


Our Gold/Rose Gold Vermeil pieces are 2.5 micron thickness of 14ct Gold plated over 925 Sterling Silver.

LB Boutiq is going by industry standards in the U.S- for jewellery to be legally sold as Vermeil, it needs to be 10ct Gold or higher, plated over 925 Sterling Silver with a thickness of 2.5 microns. 

What's the difference between Gold Vermeil and Gold Plated Jewellery?

Gold/Rose Gold Vermeil Jewellery

  • Precious base metal used such as gold, silver or platinum
  • Restrictions and Standard- a minimum thickness of 2.5 microns, over 10ct gold or higher
  • Durable and made to last - provided pieces are properly cared for and stored
  • Can be warn daily 

Gold Plated Jewellery

  • Cheaper base mental such as brass, copper or nickel, depending on which metal is readily available and inexpensive thus reducing production costs. 
  • No restrictions/standard on the thickness of gold plating/metal - usually plated with as little as 0.175 microns of gold. 
  • Tarnishes quickly and can turn skin green after short period of wear


All of our silver jewellery are 2.5 microns of Rhodium plated over 925 sterling silver.

Rhodium is a precious metal that's rarer than gold/platinum and it's whiter than silver.

  • Strengthen and enhances sterling silver
  • Has incredible shine and retains it’s lustre
  • Scratch and tarnish resistant
  • Hypoallergenic and nickel-free 


Jewellery Metals