About Us

LB Boutiq was started with a vision of two sisters who have always had a passion for jewellery.

We were taken back to memories of us as children, sitting with our mother and hearing stories of each jewellery piece in her collection. We eagerly waited for us to one day be gifted one of her treasured jewellery pieces once older. This is what we want to allow our customers to do when purchasing jewellery from us, for each piece to be able to tell a story many years from now and passing it on to a loved one.”

We had enough of buying jewellery that would only last a short period of time and wasn't readily available in Perth, Australia in stores or online. We educated ourselves on how harmful fast-fashion, quick disposable jewellery is not only to our environment but also to the consumer.

We came up with the vision of what LB Boutiq would be - timeless, high-quality jewellery available at fair prices. We will not compromise on quality nor on ethical and sustainable practices. 

It was essential for us to start our business with ALL of our packaging being environmentally friendlyrecyclable and biodegradable.  

We want to give you the peace of mind, that when your order arrives, every aspect of our packaging; from the poly mailers to our acid-free tissue paper are all recyclable and biodegradable, to ensure we minimize the impact on our planet.

Our jewellery is most importantly sustainably sourced, we have ensured our products are sourced at a small-scale level, through manufacturers who practice fair working rights and safe environments for their workers. 

We work with manufacturers who’s values line up with who we are as a brand; environmentally friendly and responsibly sourced.

We hope you will support us on this beautiful journey! Knowing the heart and vision of us here at LB Boutiq and having the reassurance when making a purchase from us.